10.31.2020 Facing a Task Unfinished

What do you think of when you first hear the title, Facing a Task Unfinished?  I think of a lot of things.  Each day we leave something undone until the next day, week, or even years later.  However, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has given us all a great task...the Great Commission.  He sent us out into the harvest field with other believers to spread the gospel to the many lost and unbelievers.  As Christian believers, we face a renewed task/mission each day.  Do we approach that task with willingness or do we begrudgingly drag ourselves through it until we feel we've just done enough?  Do we just sit and wait for Him to drop in our lap or do we go willingly with the knowledge that He who has brought us to this will bring us through it in His time.  Our task will only be finished when we are face to face with our Savior, Jesus Christ.  

We would like to thank our vocalists, Amanda Deaton Kaylor, Lise Cutshaw, and Ming Wilson, and our instrumentalists, Julie Burleson (Flute), Erin Carder (Piano), Neil Davenport (Bass), Jared Hale (Cello & Violin), and Robin Hale (Clarinet).


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